Colocation starter pack for ASIC


Colocation service for your ASIC.

Can’t stand heat, noise and electricity bills? Don’t know how to fix your rig or ASIC  if it’s malfunctioning?
Send it to us.
Here at MiningFarm, we offer professional colocation services, for your ASIC and GPU mining rigs, big and small.

Take our colocation service and relax at home.

  • ASIC Miner Installation 1-4 units: 29.85 GBP +VAT
  • ASIC Miner Installation 5+ units: 20.85 GBP + VAT



Colocation is based on of colocation agreement which could be found below:

Colocation Master Services Agreement

* insurance – all mining rigs are insured by the external company in the event of mechanical damage caused by unfortunate accidents, floods, fires or theft.

* maintenance – all mining rigs in our facility are cleaned with compressed air while maintaining adequate strength and distance so as not to damage delicate parts of the machine.
Warranty repairs: identification, replacement, shipping of failed components; installation of replacement components.




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