Mining Rig Nvidia 1060 6GPU


Mining Rig: 6x Nvidia 1060

ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 Dual 6GB GDDR5 Graphics Card (or similar)
A motherboard designed for mining, to work with 6x Graphics Cards
CPU Intel Pentium with iGPU or similar
USB pendrive with dedicated mining OS based on Linux
Minimum 8GB of RAM
Power supply -1300 watt or 2x 750 watt

Delivery time up to 4 weeks (depending on stock availability)

Mining Speed

Equihash 1920 Sol/s
Lyra2REv2  127.92 Mh/s
DaggerHashimoto 128.72 Mh/s
Decred 9.9 GH/s
Lbry 1.08 GH/s
Pascal  3.708 GH/s
X11Ghost 49.15 Mh/s



For all Components, you have manufacturer warranty
At this moment it’s 3 years for GPU and 1 year for the other components excluding PCI extenders.(no warranty for this components)
Recommended algorithm Equihash (BTG,ZCL,ZEN,HUSH,ZEC,KMD) Algorithms possible to mine: Ethash(UBQ,PIRL,MUSIC,ETH,EXP,ELLA,ETC,ETP)

*photo of the mining rig is for reference only


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